Aura Preserver

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Aura Preserver is a research option found under the Thaumaturgy tab that becomes available to research after researching Advanced Aura Tapping and is the prerequisite to the Recharge Pedestal. Before researching Aura Preserver, one could easily drain the Aura of nearly all of the energy in it, and, as any self respecting Thaumaturge knows, when the Aura is nearly depleted and continually being depleted, Flux can build quickly and easily, a dangerous phenomenon. However, upon researching Aura Preserver, any items kept on one's person that draw Vis from the Aura will not draw from the Aura if the magic levels in it have reached approximately 10% of their maximum, the threshold for when Flux can begin being formed. As such, this research option is very important, helping to prevent the depletion of the Aura, especially as Caps and other research options allow for Vis to be drained faster and faster from the Aura.

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