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Aspects of Magic is an inherently unlocked research option in the Basic Information tab. The page details what aspects are, and also lists all of the aspects, their names and the meanings of which, sources of them, and what aspects comprise it, if any.


Aspects are the magic that make up an item. The different types of aspects give items there properties. For example, a stone is comprised of Terra, which is the aspect of earth or land, which stands to reason, a stone being part of the earth or land. These aspects can be released from their item in different ways, and when separated and collected are called Essentia. There are two different types of aspects, Primal and Compound aspects, totaling 35.

Primal Aspects

There are six Primal aspects total, them being: Aer, Aqua, Ignis, Ordo, Perditio and Terra. These aspects, along with Flux, comprise the Aura. These aspects are as basic as can be, and cannot be broken down any further. These aspects also are present in Vis shards, Vis being but the intangible form of the Primal aspects.

Aspect Meaning Natural Sources
Aer Air Grass, fern, sunflower, lilac, double tall grass, large fern, rose bush, peony, sugar cane, Air Shard
Aqua Water All potions, all prismarine variants, all fish, lily pad, sugar cane, cactus, slime ball, slime block, clay, clay block, wet sponge, bucket of water, bucket of milk, ghast tear, taint goo, Water Shard
Ignis Fire Gunpowder, brick variants, all hardened clay, all stained clays, nether wart, red mushroom, bucket of lava, magma cream, Fire Shard
Ordo Order Sandstone variants, nether star, Native Clusters, Order Shard
Perditio Entropy Gunpowder, sand, cobblestone, sandstone, cactus, some potions, Entropy Shard
Terra Earth Dirt, stone variants, brick variants, ancient stone variants, brown mushroom, Earth Shard

Compound Aspects

There are 29 compound aspects total, them being: Alienis, Auram, Aversio, Bestia, Cognito, Desiderium, Exanimis, Fabrico, Gelum, Herba, Humanus, Instrumentum, Lux, Machina, Metallum, Mortus, Motus, Permutatio, Potentia, Preamunio, Sensus, Spiritus, Tenebrae, Vacuos, Victus, Vinculum, Vitium, Vitreus and Volatus. These aspects are all created of either Primal Aspects, other Compound Aspects, or a combination of the two. Compound aspects can be separated into tiers by their level of complexity, with the simplest being made of Primal aspects, and the most being made of advanced Compound aspects. Like Primal aspects, they can be separated and distilled into Essentia.

Tier One Aspects

Tier one aspects are created from 2 Primal aspects. There are 10 total, them being: Lux, Metallum, Mortus, Motus, Permutatio, Potentia, Vacuos, Victus and Vitreus.

Aspect Meaning Component Aspects
Gelum Ice Ignis+Perditio
Lux Light Aer+Ignis
Metallum Metal Ordo+Terra
Mortus Death Aqua+Perditio
Motus Movement Aer+Ordo
Permutatio Change Ordo+Perditio
Potentia Energy Ignis+Ordo
Vacuos Void Aer+Perditio
Victus Life Aqua+Terra
Vitreus Crystal Aer+Terra

Tier Two Aspects

Tier two aspects are created from a Primal aspect and a tier one aspect. There are 5 total, them being: Auram, Herba, Vinculum, Vitium and Volatus.

Aspect Meaning Component Aspects
Auram Aura Aer+Potentia
Herba Plant Terra+Victus
Vinculum Trap Motus+Perditio
Vitium Flux Perditio+Potentia
Volatus Flight Aer+Motus

Tier Three Aspects

Tier three aspects are created from two tier one aspects. There are 5 total, them being: Bestia, Exanimis, Instrumentum, Spiritus and Tenebrae.

Aspect Meaning Component Aspects
Bestia Beast Motus+Victus
Exanimis Undeath Mortus+Motus
Instrumentum Tool Metallum+Potentia
Spiritus Spirit Mortus+Victus
Tenebrae Darkness Lux+Vacuos

Tier Four Aspects

Tier four aspects are created from a tier three aspect and a primal aspect. There are 5 total, them being: Aversio, Cognito, Preamunio and Sensus.

Aspect Meaning Component Aspects
Aversio Weapon Perditio+Spiritus
Cognito Mind Ignis+Spiritus
Humanus Human Spiritus+Victus
Preamunio Armor Spiritus+Terra
Sensus Sense Aer+Spiritus

Tier Five Aspects

Tier 5 aspects are made from a tier three aspect and a tier one aspect. There are 4 total, them being: Alienis, Desiderium, Fabrico and Machina.

Aspect Meaning Component Aspects
Alienis Alien Tenebrae+Vacuos
Desiderium Greed Spiritus+Vacuos
Fabrico Craft Instrumentum+Permutatio
Machina Machine Instrumentum+Motus