The Arcane research is an introductory research found under the Artifice tab, as well as being a crafting station and Mystical Construct. The Arcane Workbench allows for one to craft items and imbue them with small amounts of magic, allowing for the creation of higher tier items. The Arcane Workbench can be created by right clicking on a Table with any type of Wand, putting the Wand into the Arcane Workbench, from which it can be retrieved if necessary or desired. It functions like a normal crafting table with 3 exceptions. Firstly, items can be left in it, instead of being thrown to the ground when exiting a normal crafting table, secondly, a Wand can be placed in the Arcane Workbench, but this is necessary for magical recipes, and thirdly, during magical recipes, there are circles surrounding the 3 by 3 crafting grid shown in the GUI that show what types of Vis are necessary, if any, for the desired recipe. The Wand placed into the Table does not recharge, however, it can be made to by attaching an Arcane Workbench Charger to the top of it.

The GUI of an Arcane Workbench, currently lacking a Wand or any materials placed in it.

The recipe for the Wand Focus: Primal, however, without a Wand present. Note the dull color of the Vis circles surrounding the crafting grid.

The recipe for the Wand Focus: Primal, now with a Wand present. Note that the Vis circles surrounding the crafting grid are now fully colored. Please also note the change in amounts of Vis needed, caused by the Wand being used.

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