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The crafting recipe for the Arcane Pattern Crafter, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Arcane Pattern Crafter is a research option found under the Golemancy tab that becomes available for research after researching Clockwork Minds and having scanned a crafting table, along with also being a device that one can create. The Arcane Pattern Crafter is simply a machine that can automate tedious, time consuming crafting of the most basic sort. A nob on the front of the machine dictates what patterns it crafts in, being able to craft anything from buttons out of a single piece of wood to blocks of precious minerals. One inserts materials via chests at the top of the machine and must retrieve them through a chest as well. In this, one can automate an entire system of basic crafting with the help of Golems. In addition to this, the machine will deactivate upon receiving any type of redstone signal, meaning that even more advanced automation can be achieved. When the machine is crafting, gears on the sides will turn and the process will be easily audible, making it difficult to mistake when the machine is in use or not. The machine can be created, however, at an Arcane Workbench with 2 Brass Gears in the middle left and right sections, a hopper in the top middle section, a Greatwood plank in the bottom middle section and a crafting table in the middle section, along with 100 Ordo, Perditio and Ignis Vis.

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An Arcane Pattern Crafter with chests above and below. This is one of the most basic full setups one can have, with raw materials going in the top chest and finished products coming out in the bottom chest.

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