The Arcane Bore is a research option found under the Golemancy tab that becomes available for research after researching the Automated Crossbow, along with being a device. The Arcane Bore is a machine that can mine any normal block that can be broken from the environment in the direction that it is facing. However, this comes with several costs, to which will be discussed under the section for the Bore itself.

Arcane Bore

The Arcane Bore itself is the part of the construct that is actually able to mine blocks. However, it needs 3 things to do this. A pickaxe of any kind, a Wand Focus: Excavation and the aspect of Perditio. Any enchantments applied to either the Focus or the Pickaxe will also be applied to the Bore. The only drawback to this is that the pickaxe used will degrade like normal for every block mined by the Bore. However, it will not be destroyed, meaning that one can either use Golems to switch out the pickaxes, or simply enchant them with the Repair enchantment or create them of Void Metal, as the regenerative property of both will continue to function even in chests or within the Bore. As was stated earlier, the aspect of Perditio is also required by the Bore. It is stated so ambiguously because the Bore can either be fed Perditio in the form of Essentia, or take it directly from the Aura. However, the former is more efficient, as a single point of Essentia will allow the Bore to mine 20 blocks at a much faster rate before it requires any more, as opposed to only being able to slowly mine a single block per point drawn from the Aura.

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The GUI of the Arcane Bore, with the slot for a pickaxe being on the right and the lot for an Excavation Focus being on the left. Any additional changes added by enchantments on either of the two are listed to the far right.


Luckily, this process can be entirely automated. One can create a large system in which a single Golem can collect cobblestone and coal mined by the Bore and bring them to an Essentia Smeltery, distilling the cobblestone into Terra and Perditio Essentia. By connecting the attached Alembics by Tubes, one can draw the Perditio Essentia to the Bore, powering it. Additionally, connecting a Void Jar to the Alembics with a Filtered Essentia Tube, set to Terra, one can easily eliminate the excess Terra Essentia with little to no risk. One can also plant a single Silverwood Tree, placing a Golem Seal: Use below it, and setting it to a Silverwood Sapling, including Gather and Lumberjack Seals nearby as well. In this, any Flux generated by the Smeltery or Void Jar will be destroyed by the Nodes that are constantly being created by the growing Silverwood Tree, as it will be cut down and regrown. When this system is applied fully, one has little to nothing to do to their Bore, as fresh pickaxes and Essentia can be supplied and Flux can be eliminated as a factor. The only thing one may have left to worry about is the buildup of materials, to which a single Golem can also remedy, simply using more chests and the appropriate Seals.


The Arcane Bore can be created via Infusion by Infusing a Clockwork Mind with a diamond pickaxe and shovel, 2 Greatwood planks, an Air an Earth Shard and a Brass Gear and Plate, along with 16 Vacuos, Motus and Potentia and 32 Terra and Machina Essentia.

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The Infusion recipe for the Arcane Bore, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Arcane Bore Base

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The crafting recipe for the Arcane Bore Base, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

The Arcane Bore Base is the second part of the Arcane Bore construct, with the Bore itself being placed either on the top or bottom face of the block. It will accept Essentia Tubes to any of its other 4 faces, allowing it a supply of Essentia. There is a small metal piece that faces in the direction it is first placed in, from which items are ejected. The direction of this face, however, can be changed by simply clicking the face that is desired to be the front with any Wand, Staff or Scepter. The Base will try to eject items into an inventory first, but if the inventory becomes full, the Base will begin ejecting them into the environment, making it important to have a large storage system if one wishes to not lose potentially precious items. The Arcane Bore Base can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 4 Greatwood planks in all 4 corners, 3 iron ingots in the middle left and right and top middle section, a Brass Gear in the bottom middle section and a dispenser in the middle section, along with 100 Aer and Ordo Vis.

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