The Alchemical Centrifuge is a research option under the Alchemy tab, available after researching Advanced Essentia Tubes, and a machine and block. The Alchemical Centrifuge accepts Compound Essentia into itself and separates that Essentia into one of its two components Essentia, but only a single point from each point of Essentia drawn in. Because 2 types of Essentia can quickly build, it's advised to attach an Essentia Buffer to the top as to draw out the aspects and then transport them as needed. The Alchemical Centrifuge is created in an Arcane Workbench with an Alchemical Construct in the center, with a Morphic Resonator in the right middle left, a Brass Gear in the middle right section, and 2 Essentia Tubes in the top and bottom middle sections, along with 100 Aqua, Ordo, and Perditio Vis. The Alchemical Centrifuge can be used to break down excess Essentia, such as Metallum Essentia acquired by smelting armor for the aspect of Praemunio, down into other, less common aspects, such as Ordo.

The crafting recipe for the Alchemical Centrifuge, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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